Boat Tours to Bakers Island Lighthouse

Adventure aboard Essex Heritage’s landing craft Naumkeag: the only boat that can take you to Bakers Island Light Station! Learn more about visiting the Light.

Special Trips to Bakers Island Light Station

On occasion Essex Heritage will host special trips to Bakers Island Light Station! Use the links below to learn about each trip and to get tickets.

Lobster Tours

Thursdays, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Have you ever wondered how heavy a lobster trap is? Cruise Salem Harbor aboard Essex Heritage’s Naumkeag and try live lobster hauling! (*No lobsters for keeps)

Myths & Misconceptions Walking Tour

This tour seeks to uncover the myths, and debunk any misconceptions you might have about the Salem Witch Trials. This walking tour lasts approximately 1 hour, and includes stops at the Old Burying Point Cemetery, Witch Trials Memorial, and the site of the original 17th century jail. Learn more about the tour.

Puritans, Privateers & Pepper Walking Tour

The history of Salem is tied to the sea. From the Naumkeag people who fished the waters of the Atlantic prior to European settlement to the wealthy American merchants of the Great Age of Sail, survival and success depended on a relationship with the ocean and its resources. This one-hour tour will take you on a voyage across more than 300 years to discover Salem’s evolving maritime heritage.

  • 2017 tickets coming soon!

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Son of Salem Walking Tour

"And yet, though invariably happiest elsewhere, there is within me a feeling for Old Salem, which, in lack of a better phrase, I must be content to call affection. The sentiment is probably assignable to the deep and aged roots which my family has struck into the soil."

Nathaniel Hawthorne is known as Salem's most famous son, but who was he and why does he matter? This one-hour walking tour will take you to sites in Salem intimately connected to the literary genius, including the graves of his ancestors, the site of his birth, and buildings associated with his life and work.

  • 2017 tickets coming soon!