2013 Essex Heritage Partnership Grants

On April 10, 2013, Essex Heritage announced the recipients of the 2013 Partnership Grant awards. Over the next year, the following ten nonprofit organizations worked to implement a diverse range of educational, interpretive, and preservation projects. 

2013 Partnership Grant recipients:

Andover Historical Society
Weaving together the threads of fashion, industry, clothing construction and local history, “Behind the Seams Exhibition: Stories of Clothing, 1790-1920” will draw from the historical society's 3,400-piece costume collection to present stories about social customs, economics, and style preferences in Andover and beyond.www.andoverhistorical.org

Danvers Alarm List Company
The nonprofit steward of the Rebecca Nurse Homestead will create a new permanent exhibit featuring some of the 5,000 artifacts unearthed on the grounds by archaeology field school participants. The artifacts, such stone points, glassware, buttons, buckles, medicine bottles, nails, ceramics and smoking pipes, will help visitors learn about to the everyday lives of those who inhabited the area from the pre-historic Native American era through the early 20th century. www.rebeccanurse.org

Essex Historical Society & Shipbuilding Museum
In a novel strategic initiative to expand public access to and understanding of its core interpretive programming, the shipbuilding museum will feature free seasonal exhibits “re-presenting” four key, long term programs and one-day events focused on the Essex's history (boats, gravestones, canines at sea) and coastal ecology (river and marsh). www.essexshipbuildingmuseum.org

Rocks Village Memorial Association
With the goal of sustaining the 1840 Rocks Village Hand Tub House (fire station) as an educational resource and community activity center, the association will engage a qualified contractor to restore the roof of the city-owned historic building. The hand tub house is located on the banks of the Merrimack River in the Rocks Village section of Haverhill's East Parish. 

Ipswich River Watershed Association
With the goal of introducing audiences to recreational paddling as well as the watershed's remarkable natural and cultural resources, the association will produce an updated map and guide to the Ipswich River. The river, a source of drinking water for 330,000 residents and businesses, is widely recognized as one of the premier canoeing and kayaking destinations in the state and is one of the most utilized recreational resources in Essex County. www.ipswichriver.org

Friends of Lawrence Heritage State Park
Recognized as the work of an important American folk artist, Ralph Fasanella's paintings of the 1912 Bread & Roses Strike are among the most famous images of American labor history, and helped to put Lawrence and the strike on the world map. Presented at the Lawrence Heritage State Park visitor center, the exhibition of Fasanella's artworks and related activities will introduce a newer, predominantly Latino audience to the idespread impact of his vision. www.lawrenceheritage.org

Lawrence History Center
The story of Lawrence is one of immigration and few historical collections document the story of new immigrants better than that of Alice O'Connor (1887-1968). A single woman born and raised in Lawrence, Miss O'Conner dedicated her life to improving the lives of working families in the city and beyond. The archival processing project involves digitizing Miss O'Connor's diaries, photographs and professional work into a searchable database that can be accessed by researchers, students and teachers of all ages.www.lawrencehistorycenter.org

Nahant Preservation Trust
A source of regional pride, the town-owned Nahant Lifesaving Station was built in 1900 and is one of a few surviving buildings designed to house ocean rescue crews. The project entails the creation of an interpretive plan for exterior wayside signage and an interior exhibition that will help educate the thousands of beach goers and event attendees about the station and community's unique role in the region's maritime history. www.nahantpreservationtrust.org

Thacher Island Association
Drawing upon its experience with the twin lighthouses on Thacher Island, the association will undertake the early stage stabilization of the historically significant Straitsmouth Island Light located off the coast of Rockport. Built in 1898 and owned by the Town of Rockport, the lighthouse has been a watch list of endangered lighthouses since 1990. The project entails major structural steel and brick work.www.thacherisland.org

Essex County Greenbelt Association
Due in part to the stewardship efforts of Essex County Greenbelt, ospreys have expanded their presence in Essex County and become a dramatic expression of the region's natural heritage. The grant will help Greenbelt expanded its interpretative program through the fabrication and installation informational kiosks at three osprey viewing sites where the public can learn about the bird's history, habitat and behaviors. www.ecga.org