About Us

Essex Heritage is a non-profit organization that rallies our community around saving the unique character of Essex County: the thousands of historic, cultural, and natural places that were crucial in shaping our nation; the places that led to this region's designation as a National Heritage Area by an act of Congress in 1996; the places that make Essex County like nowhere else.

We are the only organization that connects the people who live in the 34 cities and towns within our county.

Our job is to get residents to actively support over 10,000 historic places that make this area a great place to live. We do this by offering inspiring events like Trails & Sails, where you can have 150 unique experiences in 6 days, and by developing programs and partnerships that support the hundreds of heritage organizations and sites within the Heritage Area. 

What’s most exciting about our organization is that we’re forward thinking. We focus on engaging folks at every age, enabling them to experience all the wonderful places that surround us here because nowhere else…

  • Can you see the lighthouse whose keeper saved the USS Constitution;
  • Can you wander through the country’s oldest working farm;
  • Can you drive by so many 17th century homes on your way to work.

Because nowhere else… would we rather live.