photo of Former Hayfields at the Ward Reservation, Andover by Sarah Waterworth

Ward Reservation, by Sarah Waterworth

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Addison Gallery of American Art

Opened in 1931, the Addison Gallery has one of the most important collections of American art in the country that includes more than 17,000 works by prominent American artists such as George...

Andover Center for History & Culture

Andover's historical society, founded in 1911, is an important educational and cultural resource for the town of Andover, Massachusetts and the greater Merrimack Valley.

Benjamin Abbot House

Significance: First building in Andover to be listed individually on the National Register. Interior is virtually intact.

Chandler-Bigsby-Abbot House

Believed to be the oldest house in Andover, the Chandler-Bigsby-Abbot House is a five-bay, 2 1/2 story farmhouse with central chimney and hip roof.

photo - Deer Jump Reservation

High bluffs stretch along the Merrimack River, offering beautiful views to visitors.

photo of Goldsmith Woodlands

Goldsmith Woodlands features avenues of black pines, marshes of cattails, pitcher plants and beautiful views of Foster’s Pond.

Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology

The Robert S. Peabody Museum is one of the nation's major repositories of Native American archaeological collections.

Shawsheen Village Historic District

Here at the intersection of North Main, Lowell, Haverhill and Poor Streets, near the Shawsheen River and his home, "Arden" William Wood, president of the American Woolen Company, carefully planned...

Ward Reservation

Climb a hill for great views extending from the surrounding Merrimack Valley to the Boston skyline, or explore this sprawling landscape along almost 10 miles of trails.