Photo of Burnham's Boat Yard at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Essex

Burnham's Boat Yard, Essex

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photo of Cogswell's Grant

Cogswell's Grant was the summer home of Bertram K. and Nina Flatter Little, preeminent collectors of American decorative arts in the mid 20th century.

photo - Cox Reservation

The Cox Reservation consists of two parcels: a four-acre woodlot on nearby Lufkin Street and the 26 acres of upland, salt marsh, farmland with house and barn, and river frontage on Eastern Avenue...

Crane Wildlife Refuge on the Crane Estate: Choate Island (Hog Island)

As part of the Crane Wildlife Refuge, Choate Island is the largest of the Refuge’s islands spanning 135 acres of marvelous natural delights and is one of seven such islands in the Essex River...

boat launch in Essex

The Essex River Cultural District is sensible and compact, both in terms of geography and concept: this is where "the town meets the river." The district meanders past ancient burial grounds,...

Essex Shipbuilding Museum

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum tells the extraordinary story of a small New England village that built more two-masted wooden fishing schooners than any other place in the world.

photo - Stavros Reservation

At Stavros Reservation , visitors enjoy an easy ascent to a coastal hilltop that rewards you with panoramic views of Crane Beach and the Essex River estuary.