Photo of Ayer Mill Clock

View of the Ayer Mill Clock by Mark Ouellette

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Den Rock Park

Originally purchased as land for a cemetery in 1877, the land was officially designated as a park in 1896.

Lawrence Heritage State Park, Lawrence Visitor Center

A restored boarding house with two floors of interactive exhibits tells the tale of Lawrence, one of the nation's first planned industrial cities.

photo - Lawrence History Center by Bob Lussier

Since 1978, Lawrence History Center, formerly Immigrant City Archives, has collected and preserved documents and artifacts pertaining to the history of Lawrence, Massachusetts and its people.

North Canal Historic District

The North Canal Historic District is comprised of 70 properties that feature mills, factory boarding houses, locks, bridges, the North Canal, the Great Stone Dam, the Lawrence Heritage State Park...

photo of Spicket River Greenway

The Spicket River Greenway, now complete, is a 3.5 mile long "emerald bracelet" of green spaces and walking paths connecting parks and open space through multiple neighborhoods, meeting multiple...

Towerhill Farm

Tower Hill Farm has a small CSA and grows other products to sell at Chris's Farm Stand (