Photo of The Searles Building, Methuen City Hall

The Searles Building, Methuen City Hall

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Mann Orchards Photo

Mann Orchards is the oldest business in Methuen.

Methuen Memorial Organ Hall

The Great Organ of the Methuen Memorial Music Hall has had a distinguished history. Built in 1863 by the firm of E.F.

Nevins Bird Sanctuary photo

The Nevins Bird Sanctuary, once part of the Nevins Family Estate was part of the bequest to the City of Methuen, when the last heir of the Nevins family Harriet F. B. Nevins passed away.

photo Searles Tenney Nevins Historic District

The Searles, Tenney, Nevins Historic District reflects the major influences that shaped Methuen's architecture and economy.

photo Simone Farms

Four generations of the Simone family have been farming at this farm. They offer many fruits, vegetables and plants.