Photo of North Parish Church, North Andover

North Parish Church, North Andover

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photo of sign at Barker's Farmstand

Barker's Farm is a designated Bicentennial Farm that was established in 1642 and has been run by 10 generations of the Barker family.

photo of Boston Hill Farm

Boston Hill Farm offers a large selection of vegetables and fruits as well as Christmas trees, plants, decorations, food products and novelties.

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Harold Parker State Forest, which lies in Andover, North Andover, North Reading and Middleton, comprises just over 3,000 acres of Central Hardwood-Hemlock-White Pine type of forest.

field photo

This farm offers "Pick Your Own" raspberries and strawberries.

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Ongoing Education Programming: 
At the undergraduate level, we offer degrees in

photo of North Andover Historical Society

The North Andover Historical Society was founded in 1913 by Samuel Dale Stevens, Jr. to preserve the history and traditions of his community.

photo of Parson Barnard House

The Parson Barnard House (1715) retains many of its original features, based on a documented history of this significant 18th Century building.

photo of Smolak Farms

Smolak Farms offers pumpkins, Christmas trees, hanging baskets, holiday decorations, novelties and many other food products.

photo of Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens

The Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens is a wonderful example of “the country place,” when rural retreats were designed as places that integrated indoor and outdoor spaces – and that were meant...

photo of Weir Hill from TTOR

Weir Hill offers striking vistas of both scenic Lake Cochichewick and of the broader landscape of the Merrimack Valley that will charge your imagination.