Bakers Island Light Station

Bakers Island Light Station is located on Bakers Island in Salem Sound, a 60 acre island with a large summer colony. The 10 acre light station is located in the northwest quadrant of the island, and has been owned and operated by the federal government since 1798.  The rest of the island is in private ownership including the Bakers Island Wharf.  Currently the only  way for the public to access the island is aboard our landing craft the Naumkeag. 

The deed to historic Bakers Island Light Station was transferred on August 27, 2014 from the United States government to the Essex National Heritage Commission (Essex Heritage). Thanks to all of the Bakers Backers, restoration was completed on the masonry lighthouse, two keepers’ houses, lantern and oil buildings.

See the Light!

Bakers Island is a private island. There is no public access. But guess what? You can visit the Light Station in summer with Essex Heritage! Learn more and get on the boat >>

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