The Brad Ford Nature Trail, Amesbury

This project, The Brad Ford Nature Trail, focuses on bringing our school together and refreshing the curriculum and the teachers from the ground up. This piece of land behind our school will be transformed into a nature trail and will be used by all grades 5-8, and all subjects.  Teachers in all subjects will be able to use the trail for teaching curriculum.  Since the trail still had issues at this time (poison ivy and trail clearing etc.), many classes had the opportunity to experience the trails on snow-shoes during winter. Despite the problems, science classes did do experimentation out on the trail, in winter and in spring.  In Language Arts, the language arts classes went to the courtyard and nearby Alliance Park in Amesbury to write about place in poetry and just observational writing. After our writing and sharing our writing, students expressed more of a connection with these places.

“Places shape your life in more ways than almost anything else. The way you live really depends on where you live.  It can give you good and bad things, and shapes who you are.”

“It is very easy to get caught in the doldrums of repetitive instruction, and having this new opportunity really filled me with excitement from the beginning.”