Danvers - Preschool - Recycling Rangers Project

Fox Hill’s Recycling Rangers Project

Director of Fox Hill School in Danvers, Tricia Pini, and her staff have helped preschoolers become more aware of recycling in their school and the larger community.  Tricia created a year-long project that involves multiple activities and engagement with community partners through which students learn to positively impact their environment.

Students started their project by conducting an inventory of the school’s trash output and finding ways to reduce it. They worked together to make paper out of recycled scraps, participated in a recycling activity with community partner Danvers Department of Public Works after learning about recycling efforts in town, and took part in a river pollution activity with Essex Heritage and the National Park Service staff.  The preschoolers held a celebration with families at the end of the school year with a “Zero Waste Party” where they showcased what they learned.

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