On Coastal Byway

Guided Tour of It's Alive: Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection

Kirk Hammett, best known as the guitarist of the rock band Metallica, is also an avid collector of classic horror and sci-fi movie posters. This exhibition features 135 works that provide insight into the evolution of horror and sci-fi films and how they have played upon contemporary societal fears. Hammett acknowledges his poster collection as a source of inspiration for his own musical creativity. The exhibition features film posters as well as collectible electric guitars, monster masks and sculptures.

St. Paul's Church Graveyard Tour

St. Paul’s semi-annual narrative history tour of the colonial graveyard surrounding the Church takes place on Sunday, September 17th at 1:30 pm. The tour begins with a brief history of St. Paul’s from its founding in 1711 in British America through the Revolutionary period before visiting the grave sites of prominent Newburyporters. Hear about the lives of the ship captains who perished at sea; merchants who amassed tremendous wealth; revolutionary leaders like Tristram Dalton who supported the Revolutionary cause and loyalists like Mrs.

Sail on the Schooner FAME

Come for a sail on FAME, a full-scale replica of one of the first American privateers to get to sea during the War of 1812. FAME was also arguably the first privateer to send in a captured vessel. She seized some 21 prizes in the waters off Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick before being lost in the Bay of Fundy in 1814. Launched in June, 2003 from the H. A. Burnham Boatyard in Essex, MA, our new FAME takes the paying public for cruises on Salem Sound, where pirates, privateers, East Indiamen and men of war have been making history for 400 years.

Ocean Views Walk from Ravenswood to Rafe's Chasm

Follow trip leader Dave Marro (Cape Ann Trail Stewards Director and Chair of the Magnolia Woods Advisory Committee) on a walk across Magnolia Woods. This newly created trail links the southern edge of the Trustees of Reservation's Ravenswood Park with the City of Gloucester's Rafe's Chasm Park. The walk will include spectacular views of the ocean from the dramatic Rafe's Chasm cliffs. Participants should be prepared to walk on uneven trails for 3 miles round trip.

Organic/Permaculture Farm Tour

Join grower Erin Stack for a farm tour and discussion of earth friendly growing practices that can be applied to home and community gardens. New Harmony Farm (a certified organic vegetable, herb, and flower farm) and its educational non-profit Earth Harmony Sanctuary are committed to modeling a "re-visioning" of our local landscape that supports healthy ecosystems while growing nutritious food in a harmonious and beautiful way.

Architecture & Social History Walking Tour of Downtown Marblehead

Architectural walking tour about conditions in Marblehead and corresponding architectural changes from 1700 to 1818 – from 18th c. prosperity as the sixth most populous metropolis in British North America, to war-time tribulation during both the 8-year Revolution and the 3-year War of 1812 (with nearly 700 Mhd. POWs in 1815), and the economic and social devastation that caused distress for most people in town during the 3 decades in between. But that is partly why nearly 300 houses remain from before 1775, and nearly a thousand survive from before 1850.


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