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Evening Stroll: Changes in Marblehead 1700 to 1818 & Beyond

Walking tour of Marblehead architecture from 1700 through 1817 and beyond (exterior only), highlighting changes in architectural style over 150 years. Nearly 300 houses still stand from before the American Revolution in 1775, when Marblehead was apparently the sixth most populous town in North America and the second largest in Massachusetts after Boston. (Salem was - briefly! - 4th, but was larger and more important than Mhd. before the 1750s and after 1775). More than a thousand homes survive from before 1850.

Social History & Architecture Tour of the Historic King Hooper Mansion

Special tour of the King Hooper Mansion, from Tavern wine cellar to third floor ballroom, discussing the complex and fascinating family and showing how the house changed from 1728 to 1938, when it was purchased by the Marblehead Arts Association. Enjoy the current art exhibits of artist member artworks throughout all six galleries and stop in at the Artisan Shop before or after the tour.

Explore Gloucester's Working Waterfront with Family Games and Fun at Maritime Gloucester

Ring in fall as you explore all that Maritime Gloucester has to offer through family games and activities. Explore the Schooner Adventure and the exhibits throughout Maritime Gloucester. Touch tanks, interactive exhibits and more! We'll have a birthday cake to share at 1 PM to mark Maritime Gloucester's 15th year of providing marine education and maritime experiences.

Gloucester Sea Serpent

Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Gloucester Sea Serpent Sighting with the Cape Ann Museum and Maritime Gloucester. Create sea serpent sculptures in the Museum Courtyard using marine debris and found objects. At noon, parade down the hill to Maritime Gloucester for more art making activities. This is a joint event with Maritime Gloucester at 23 Harbor Loop where the afternoon segment begins at 12:30 p.m. Participation in both events is not necessary but encouraged.

Fish Flake Hill Walking Tour

join us for a walking tour that explores Fish Flake Hill! The site of the town’s revolutionary and early national period maritime industries, and home to Beverly’s merchants and sea captains, Fish Flake Hill was the town’s primary business district until the mid-nineteenth century. Rain or shine event, in case of severe weather, check with us that day.

The Quakers of Early Salem

Join Salem State University Professor Emerson “Tad” Baker for a walking tour examining the history and influence of the Quakers in Salem. Three hundred years after the Witch Trials we explore the lessons learned, its affect on our country and the evolution of tolerance. Starting at the Witch Trials Memorial, continuing to the Quaker Meeting House at the PEM and then a walk through the McIntire District to Maule’s Well and the Quaker “Friend’s Burial Ground” on Essex Street.

The Remond Family, Salem's Early Abolitionists

Join Francis Mayo for a talk and walking tour examining the history of the Remond Family who played a central role in the abolitionist movement. From Curacao, John settled in Salem in 1805 establishing several successful businesses at Hamilton Hall while raising 10 children. Sarah and Charles, became internationally known for their anti-slavery oratory, lecturing with William Lloyd Garrison.

Mightier than the Wrecking Ball: A Walking History of Urban Renewal in Salem

Join Historic Salem in commemorating the efforts of community advocates that saved Salem from the urban renewal wrecking ball of the 1960s and 70s. This walking tour will focus on the downtown core as we examine places lost and saved as urban renewal policies were debated locally and nationally. We invite you to consider what place in Salem you love and what our city would look if they no longer existed.


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