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Legacy of a Cultural Showpiece - Beverly's Cabot Theater - CANCELLED

EVENT CANCELLED. Join us as we step back in time to an age of decadence and glamour to explore the rich and thriving history of one of the North Shores oldest and most majestic Playhouses: The Cabot Street Theater. As a part of the Trails & Sails Event, we will be offering guided tours of Beverly's most beloved gem complete with Feathery Showgirls, Dapper Dans and surprise performances from special guest artists!

"Pipes & Pipes" Car Show

Visit the Methuen Memorial Music Hall for the “Pipes and Pipes" Car Show - outdoor vehicle presentations with food and music on the beautiful grounds of the Music Hall, and organ demonstrations in the Music Hall. The Great Organ of the Methuen Memorial Music Hall has a distinguished history. Built in 1863 for the Boston Music Hall, it was the first concert organ in the United States. It soon became the musical pride of Boston.

Family Architectural History Hunt

Visit the Wenham Museum to pick-up a booklet for this Architectural History Hunt! Looking through the book of Benjamin Conant photographs, the hunt will lead you on a walk from the museum to Larch Row to find buildings that have survived, spaces where some are missing, styles of buildings, roofs and windows, changes to structures and new structures that have been added. You'll be surprised by what you can find!

Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

Spend time learning at the cemetery by doing a family friendly scavenger hunt! Grab the Scavenger hunt clues and directions at the Wenham Museum, then walk to the Wenham Cemetery to look for the symbols and scavenger hunt clues! Return to the museum if you wish to visit and record your success.

Macy-Colby House Open House

Visit the Macy-Colby House, an excellent example of early-American architecture. The original house was built by Thomas Macy about 1650 and sold to Anthony Colby in 1654. The structure was extensively modified by Obadiah Colby in the early 1740’s. Nine generations of Colby’s lived in this saltbox house until 1899 when it was turned into a museum in 1900.

History of Pine Grove Cemetery, Part 2

Part 2 of the Pine Grove Cemetery tour meets at the Parkland Avenue entrance. It includes the Civil War and the Spanish American War Burial Grounds, the sections of the cemetery developed after the1850s and notes the different cemetery styles. You'll learn about still more renowned architects, sculptors and Lynn luminaries such as Elihu Thomson, founder of General Electric, Lydia Pinkham of Vegetable Compound fame, Civil War heroes and others forgotten by the present. We'll address the myth and truth about the cemetery’s wall and so much more.

History of Pine Grove Cemetery - Part 1

Join us for an historical tour of Lynn’s 152 acre garden style cemetery on the National Register as a Historic District. It boasts a Who’s Who of 19th century architects, sculptors and movers and shakers. In part 1 we will start at the Boston Street entrance and cover the oldest part of the cemetery including the sunken gardens, the Rhodes Chapel, the receiving tomb as well as the WW 1 Burial Grounds, a sweeping view of the Lynn Coastline and so much more.


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