Fun for Kids & Families

Tour the Judge Samuel Holten House

Join us for a lecture and tour about the Judge Samuel Holten House. Our circa 1670 historical and architectural gem was home to Judge Samuel Holten. It is singularly the most important historic property now in existence in Danvers. The dwelling features its central First Period core with a wonderful example of chronological house development through the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Holten served with honor at the birth of our country and held local, regional, provincial, and continental posts, was a signer of the Articles of Confederation and President of the Continental Congress.

Butterfly Garden and Live Caterpillar Show

Sam Jaffe's Caterpillar Lab will be displaying a variety of native New England caterpillars, in various stages of development and on their local host plants. With no glass between visitors and the displays, the audience can experience caterpillars up close – eating, pooping, camouflaging, or defending themselves with clever adaptations such as warning coloration, inflatable horns, strange smells, and squeaking mandibles.

Children's Civil War Muster

Brought back by popular demand! As part of the 13th Annual Civil War Weekend, the Children's Muster is open to kids of all ages. Join the 6th Mass Militia, 5th Mass Battery & 6th Maine Battery to learn what life was like in the Civil War army. Sample Hardtack Crackers, learn about camp life, drill, payday and participate in a skirmish, then visit the sutler tent. Looking for seasoned and raw recruits!

Civil War Sunday Stroll

Join the 6th Mass Infantry for a leisurely Sunday stroll around and about the Common. Come learn about the city's forgotten Civil War history. Learn about the lives of the 2,900 men who worked, played and worshiped in Lawrence. Tour includes City Hall exhibit, residences, monuments and churches.

Birds & Nesting Box Tour

This guided tour will explore some of Veasey Park’s 47 acres of conservation land, highlighting its history and Nesting Box Program. We will explore and compare various habitats & wildlife opportunities. Walking the trails is a perfect way to observe & learn about our local birds & their natural environment.


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