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Tours of the Whittier Home & Museum

Tour the home of John Greenleaf Whittier, renowned Poet, Abolitionist and crusader for Social Justice. The Whittier Home is a nationally known Historic House Museum which inspires, enlightens and educates people about the life, legacy and literary works of John Greenleaf Whittier. See where he lived during his adult life and wrote his most famous work, "Snowbound". Visit us, and learn why Whittier's beliefs are still relevant in today's divisive climate of social unrest.

Sail on the Schooner FAME

Come for a sail on FAME, a full-scale replica of one of the first American privateers to get to sea during the War of 1812. FAME was also arguably the first privateer to send in a captured vessel. She seized some 21 prizes in the waters off Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick before being lost in the Bay of Fundy in 1814. Launched in June, 2003 from the H. A. Burnham Boatyard in Essex, MA, our new FAME takes the paying public for cruises on Salem Sound, where pirates, privateers, East Indiamen and men of war have been making history for 400 years.

Blacksmithing with Dean Rantz

Master Blacksmith Dean Rantz of Rock Village Forge will be visiting the Saugus Iron Works for the day! Dean will be making forged-iron work using traditional tools and techniques much like the blacksmiths at the Saugus Iron Works during the 17th. Century. Dean will be operating out the park's blacksmith shop located in the lower industrial site of the park across the river. Dean is a blacksmith with over 30 years of experience and he's demonstrated his craftsmanship at many historical societies, house museums, fairs, and reenactments across Massachusetts.

Shipwrecks and Salem Maritime!

Learn how to map a shipwreck, write underwater, and operate an underwater robot! Although we won't actually be practicing archaeology, you'll see exactly what maritime archaeology is (you may be surprised!) and what it can teach us about the pivotal role in Salem's history. Join Dr. Calvin Mires, Co-Founder and Instructor of Seafaring Education and Maritime Archaeological Heritage Program (SEAMAHP) in bringing maritime heritage to life through these fun hands-on activities for all ages!

Salt Marsh in the City

Join us for a "walk and talk" at a beautiful and productive salt marsh on the edge of Salem State University. Salt marshes, which flood and drain daily, provide habitat for many species of plant, bird and marine life; breeding grounds for shellfish and fin fish; they improve water quality by filtering water; and they protect shorelines. As we walk around the marsh, we'll talk about the plants, fish, birds, insects that live in the marsh, the role of the marsh in our marine ecosystem and the history of this marsh, which has been restored from an industrial dumping ground.

Be a Time Traveler

Celebrate The Year of The Educator with the Danvers Historical Society. Become a “Time Traveler” to explore how Danvers children played, created, and learned over the past 200 years! Play colonial games, compare your modern objects to historical artifacts, and examine old maps and photographs to identify neighborhoods in Danvers. View exhibits at Tapley Memorial Hall and learn about Anne Lemist Page who opened the first Danvers Kindergarten in 1860. Also, an expanded pre-colonial Native American artifacts' exhibit is on display. Expert guides will be available for discussion.


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