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Union Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

Learn about local history, gravestone carving and more in this fun and educational self-guided tour of Georgetown's historic Union Cemetery. Fun for the whole family! Download list and instructions at or e-mail, then drop by the Brocklebank Museum at 108 East Main Street, open Sundays from 2-5, to discuss your findings and enter for a chance to win some great prizes! Drawing is September 24th at 5 pm.

The Story Behind the Dory

Visit Lowell's Boat Shop for a guided tour! Founded in 1793, Lowell's Boat Shop is the oldest continuously operating wooden boat shop in the United States. Now a National Historic Landmark, Lowell's continues to build wooden boats in the traditional method. Located on the banks of the Merrimack River in Amesbury, Lowell's will be welcoming guests to learn more about its unique history and the craft of wooden boat building as it was practiced then and continues to be today.

Asbury Grove History Tour

Join us for a guided walking tour of the grounds and buildings of the 19th century campground , which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The tour will include the chapel, tabernacle, library, hotel/dining hall, vespers circle, church society buildings, and the historic cottage as a museum to depict life during the height of the Camp Meeting period. Some residential cottages will also be open for viewing.

Leather Arts Festival

Learn about the art of making leather! Join us for a festival featuring a unique group of artisans, leather guilds and associations, all coming together to share a variety of ways to work with leather. These groups will demonstrate the art of working with one’s own hands and highlight the host of skills and craftsmanship associated with leather. A variety of items will be available for purchase. Children will have the opportunity to learn the art of making leather items for their own use.

Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail

Take a walk with historian Ghlee E. Woodworth, the creator of the Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail. Newburyport was one signature away from losing the downtown to bulldozers - hear the story of how a group of citizens saved the historic downtown. Learn about Elbow Alley, Pearson's Bakery and the coal industry. There’s history in every footstep you take. Visit and discover Newburyport’s fascinating history. The Trail is an American Association for State and Local History Merit Award winner.

Tattersall Farm Geocache and Kite Flying

Experience the outdoor sport of geocaching, a web-based recreational "treasure hunt" that challenges you to find "caches" that have been hidden by other players using GPS coordinates and powers of observation. Learn how to use the website and basic GPS skills. Through the website you can see millions of geocaches hidden worldwide and select the information needed. Armed with coordinate, hints and background information you will start your search. Several geocaches have been hidden on the grounds of beautiful Tattersall Farm, 542 No.

Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Museum Tour

The Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Museum built in 1885 is not only on the National Register of Historic Places, but is likely the largest G.A.R. building in the United States. Among its many surprises is the jaw-dropping Victorian Grand Hall with 1243 photos of Civil War veterans. Among the attractions is the last Civil War Confederate flag to fly over Richmond, VA, given to Lynn civil war veterans as a token of friendship, and documents signed by Abraham Lincoln. The G.A.R. also exhibits WWII and Spanish War artifacts.

Paddle the Ipswich River

The Ipswich River Watershed Association’s headquarters at Riverbend is a great place to paddle and explore the river! This event is a beginner, family friendly paddle on pond-like conditions open to all ages and abilities. Our route will depend on water levels but plan on at least an hour of paddling.


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