Fall Education Forum 2016

Facts from the Forum

Essex Heritage gathered more than 35 educators from regional organizations on November 15th at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary to share best practices. We explored the property, owned by Mass Audubon through different lenses thinking about past, present, and future land uses.  Our goal was to understand how using multiple lenses allows for deeper educational engagement.   

Can we stump you with these facts we picked up at Mass Audubon?

Q:What percentage of withdrawals from the Ipswich basin are not regulated?

A: Even during drought 87% of withdrawals in Ipswich Basin (from Ipswich River Watershed Association)


Q: What "natural architects" have changed the ecosystem of the sanctuary by creating ponds?

A: Beavers (from Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Mass Audubon)


Q: How did Violet, an enslaved woman in Topsfield owned by the Bradstreet Family, ensure her son's freedom in the 1700s?

A: She sued in court to prove that she was a free woman and therefore her son was, too. (from Topsfield Historical Society, Research by Jeanne Pickering)Newbury Document_Ipswich Historical Society