Find Your Story

2016 is a big year for both the Essex National Heritage Area and the National Park Service: It is the 20th anniversary of the Congressional Act that designated the Essex National Heritage Area and it's also the National Park Service Centennial! In honor of these milestones we invite YOU to help us celebrate by sharing YOUR favorite places in the Essex National Heritage Area -- tell us how YOU Find Your Story. 

How to Share Your Story:

Go to your favorite place and share why this spot is so special to you. There are 3 ways to share:

1. VIDEO: Film your story and don’t forget to say why it is special to you (any horizontal footage including phone video works). Keep it short, about 30-60 seconds. Don't want to be on camera? That's cool -- go to your favorite place and show it to us while you record your story about it (aka a voiceover). Once you created your video:

  1. Upload your video to YouTube with #FindYourStory and #EssexHeritage
  2. Share the link to your video and tag it #FindYourStory on your Facebook page @Essex National Heritage Area and/or on your Twitter feed @EssexHeritage.

2. PHOTOGRAPH: Snap a picture at your favorite spot and tell us why you choose this location to Find Your Story. Once you have your photo and your text about it ready:

  1. Share your photo and tag it #FindYourStory on your Facebook page @Essex National Heritage Area, on your Twitter @EssexHeritage, or Instagram @EssexHeritage.

3. AUDIO: Record your story about your favorite spot -– tell us the name of your special place, where it is, and why you love it. Once you have your recording ready:

  1. Share the link to your recording and tag it #FindYourStory on your Facebook @Essex National Heritage Area and/or on your Twitter @EssexHeritage.
    NOTE: In order to create a shareable audio recording we recommend folks use SoundCloud, the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create and share for free. SoundCloud will allow you to record something new or upload a recording you’ve already made and then you can use a link to share it

REMINDERS: Whatever platform you use to share your Find Your Story moments, just remember:

  • Make sure your posts are PUBLIC and that you use #FindYourStory to share it!
  • Extra credit: Be a part of the National Park Service Centennial celebration by adding #FindYourPark to simultaneously share on
  • RULES: Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions (and Terms and Conditions).

About the Find Your Story Winter Challenge 

When we started this, the Find Your Story Winter 2016 Challenge invited people to create short videos showcasing their favorite place in Essex County to enjoy winter -- with or without snow -- (and why). All videos submitted March 1 through April 1 were eligible to win the Winter Challenge prize for the best video short: a $150 Gift Card to Whole Foods. Essex Heritage was proud to announce the Winter Challenge Winner at our Annual Spring Meeting in Newburyport on April 14. And the Winter Challenge winner was...Yetti Frenkel for her sharing her story about Red Rock Park at Lynn Beach.

About Yetti: Yetti Frenkel is an artist who specializes in painting large scale murals of people and animals. Her paintings chronicle the urban scene, portraying diverse populations that make up contemporary communities. She has painted murals for seven public libraries in New England, and for numerous schools and communities. She has worked with children, businesses and community organizations to create murals that brighten and enhance neighborhoods, schools, and institutions. Red Rock Park at Lynn Beach has been the inspiration for part of one of her murals in Downtown Lynn and for other paintings she has done. 

Watch Yetti's Find Your Story video, made with the help of her friend, Kerry Breyman!