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“I Heart Heritage” is an interview series to highlight and celebrate Essex Heritage’s diverse community of partners and supporters. Scroll down to see who we interviewed and click on their names or photos to read what they had to say!

Jack Good

Vice President, People’s United Bank
Essex Heritage President, 2013-2015
"We take so much of what we have for granted. Essex Heritage helps to promote and preserve all areas of our past and helps to ensure that our most important assets are preserved for the future." Read the full interview.

Kate Luchini

Executive Director, Lynn Museum & Historical Society
Essex Heritage Commissioner since 2011
"Essex Heritage supports the region and state not only by shining a light on some of the larger, better known sites, but also by raising awareness of the many “hidden treasures” throughout the area..." Read the full interview

Thomas Mac Donald

Director of Sales, Hawthorne Hotel
Essex Heritage Commissioner since 2014, elected to the Board of Trustees October 2015
"Essex Heritage is important because it puts on display the vast array of accomplishments by those that came before us." Read the full interview.

Richard Scott

Supervisor, Bradley Palmer State Park
Essex Heritage Commissioner since 2001
"I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to live, work and play in such a culturally and naturally diverse area." Read the full interview.

Dr. Joe Buttner

Professor of Biology and Director of Salem State University's Cat Cove Marine Laboratory
"Essex Heritage is important to me because it supports and shares the treasures of our region. People should know and care about their homes. Essex Heritage afforded me and residents of the area the opportunity to learn about their backyard." Read the full interview.

Matthew Phillion

Photographer, 16 Degrees Studios
"I've taken photos for Trails & Sails the past two years. Every event is inspiring."  Read the full interview. 

Anne Wilson

Essex Heritage Member since 2005; Commissioner since 2015
"Despite nearly 400 years of settlement there are still wide swaths of land which remain virtually untouched and remind us of the beauty and wilderness the early settlers discovered here. The appreciation for our heritage over the centuries is palpable here." Read the full interview.

Sudi Smoller

Library Media Specialist, Peabody Public Schools
"Essex Heritage is important to me because local history and historic places can help bring a community together – no matter how different we are, we have a shared history." Read the full interview.

Lisa Lyons

Director of New Business Development, Small Planet Communications
Essex Heritage Commissioner since spring 2015, elected to the Board of Trustees October 2015
"It seems that there's a lot of growth and building development in this area. To have Essex Heritage take the lead on preserving iconic and historic properties and land is significant..." Read the full interview.

Deb Carey

Planner and Environmental Advocate
Essex Heritage Commissioner since 2003
"Essex Heritage shines a beacon on our regional resources sharing our strengths and making it easy to be proud of this place." Read the full interview.

Mary Hillery and Greg Guckenburg

2015 Bakers Island Light Station Keepers
"We love the way Essex Heritage is involving kids in community projects and helping to protect the great outdoors as every child’s playground." Read the full interview.


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