Mindfulness, Swampscott

The project intended to address the school as a whole, doing so by focusing on the individual. Based on observed concern levels of stress in both peers and students, it was determined that mindfulness would be a way to equip other members of the community to deal with stressful situations. Partners for this project included Swampscott’s Parent Teacher Forum, Chuck Foster, MIT’s Dalai Lama Center for Transformative Teaching, and Swampscott High School’s STEM program. Peer leaders championed wellness day, during which 8 workshops offered by four different presenters took place.  If anything about the project was a disappointment-it was that more student voice, activism and engagement were not generated. With regard to the curricular goals, the project directly addressed stress management as part of our health curriculum. Another core value supported by our project was to help students understand and practice a balanced and healthy lifestyle. With regard to inclusivity, mindfulness in itself is an individual endeavor. Trainings incorporated students from all different academic levels.