Park for Every Classroom

Essex Heritage and the National Park Service offer a professional development program that supports K-12 educators in creating projects with their students that utilize their communities’ natural, cultural, and historic resources.  Based on the training that they receive through the Park for Every Classroom program, teachers work with their students and local partners to create academically rigorous projects that serve their communities. If you're an educator or partner interested in participating, click here to learn more about the power of Park For Every Classroom through a teacher testimonial.

Applications for 2021 are closed. Check back for updates on 2022!

Project Examples

Using Art to Make Places Beautiful, Lynn:  First grade students create a mural that enhances their school environment.

Robinson Farm – Outdoor Classroom, Marblehead: Fourth grade students utilized Robinson Farm, a conservation property that abuts their Marblehead school, to create an outdoor classroom. 

Shoe Industry Revealed - The Northern Slavery Issue, Lynn: 8th grade students understand the under-represented story of slavery in the local region through a partnership with the Lynn Museum.  

Merrimack River Project, Haverhill: Fourth to sixth grade students create how their community is intrinsically linked to the history, geography and culture of the Merrimack River

Riverbend Trails Project, West Newbury: Sixth grade students create awareness of the trails that abut their school and help secure funding for the trails in the process.

Spofford Pond Project, Boxford: Third grade students use their school's namesake pond as a focus for learning and service.

Page School Garden Project, West Newbury: Students across grades and disciplines learn and serve with community partners as they expand their school garden.

Vernal Pool, Beverly: Students focus cross-disciplinary learning on a local vernal pool and create awareness about this resource in their community.

Shoe Project, Swampscott: Fifth grade students create activities to help the community become more aware of the region's shoe industry. 

Mindfulness, Swampscott: Students from all academic levels participated in mindfulness workshops to help reduce stress to create and practice a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Maritime Math, Amesbury: High school students experience math on the Merrimack River and create math-based activities for younger students.

The Brad Ford Nature Trail, Amesbury: Grades 5-8 from every subject make use of their unique place to transform learning.

Passionate About Places Project, Amesbury: Fifth grade students replace a standard research project with a community inquiry service experience. 

Global Trade Project, Lynn: English Language Learning high school students make global connections between the past and present.

Chorale in the Community Project, Swampscott: Middle School music students create a music workshop and joint concert for younger students in the community.

Recycling Rangers Project, Danvers:  Fox Hill School preschoolers work with their teachers and community partners to reduce waste and create recycling awareness.

W.A.T.E.R.S. Project, Haverhill: Third graders teach kindergarteners about the water-based resources in their community.

Veterans' Breakfast & Oral History Project, Peabody: Find out how two Peabody high school teachers worked with their students and community partners to host a breakfast and oral history project with over 100 local veterans.

Mall Walk at the Northshore Mall, Peabody: 8th grade students at Higgins Peabody Middle School are teaming up with the North Shore Mall to create an interactive history-based walk for mall visitors to enjoy.

Using Local Museum Objects to Bring History to Life, Danvers: Danvers High School Students are helping design museum activities that engage students while advocating for more interaction between schools and local museums. 


The Park for Every Classroom program is made possible thanks to generous funding from:

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