Passport to Your National Parks

The Essex National Heritage Area has passport stamps available as part of the Passport to Your National Parks cancellation stamp program. Your passport can be stamped at any of our 13 regional Visitor Center partners or at the Essex Heritage office. Before visiting any site, please call ahead to verify opening hours.  

Beverly - John Cabot House (978-922-1186)
Gloucester - Gloucester Visitor Welcoming Center (978-281-8865)
Haverhill - Buttonwoods Museum (978-374-4626)
Ipswich - Ipswich Visitor Center (978-356-8540)
Lawrence - Lawrence Heritage State Park (978-794-1655)
Lynn - Lynn Museum & Historical Society (781- 581-6200
Marblehead - Marblehead Information Booth (781-631-2868)
Newburyport - Custom House Maritime Museum (978-462-8681)
Peabody - George Peabody House Museum (978-531-0355)
Rockport - Rockport Visitors Center (978-283-1601)
Salem - National Park Service Regional Visitor Center (978-740-1650)
Salisbury - Maria Miles Visitor Information Center (978-465-6555)
Saugus - Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site (781-233-0050)
Essex County - Essex Heritage Visitor Information Desk at the National Park Service Regional Visitor CenterSalem (978-740-1650)

The Passport to Your National Parks program is a voluntary program that nearly all parks within the National Park Service (NPS) participate in. Visitors can purchase their official NPS Passport and start recording their visits to NPS sites by stamping their passport with a rubber cancellation stamp. The cancellations, similar to those received in an international passport, record the name of the park and the date it was visited. There are currently over 500 sites with the NPS that participate in the passport program.

For more information about the passport program, visit