Park for every classroom teachers on the beach

Park for Every Classroom

Park for Every Classroom is a teacher professional development program, done in partnership with the National Park Service, focused on place-based service learning. Each summer, Essex Heritage welcomes a cohort of local educators for a week-long workshop that visits sites across Essex County and provides assistance in developing partnerships and strategies that teachers can bring back to their classrooms.

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Teaching Hidden Histories

In the summer of 2020, North Andover High School teacher Brian Sheehy was approached by his students to demand an explanation as to why they were not being taught much of the history behind current events and racial tensions. This was the catalyst for a workshop series organized by Essex Heritage called “Teaching Hidden Histories.”

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Bakers Education Programs

We offer exciting opportunities for students to visit Bakers Island Light Station as part of our Bakers Education programs. These programs can be customized to meet individual needs or curriculum requirements.

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