Public Programs

Essex Heritage offers a wide variety of public programming to highlight the diverse heritage and unique assets of Essex County, Massachusetts.

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Revolution 250

Essex County Revolution 250 is an initiative of Essex Heritage in partnership with Massachusetts Rev250 and dozens of regional museums, heritage sites, and organizations, with the intention of raising awareness and highlighting the diverse stories of Essex County, Massachusetts residents, free and unfree, during the American Revolutionary period. Click HERE for more.

Redefining Heritage

Redefining Heritage is an ongoing discussion series presented by Essex Heritage. This program invites audiences to participate in a conversation about the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the Essex National Heritage Area. Heritage professionals, regional advocates, businesspeople, and other experts present new perspectives on topics that are often overlooked or seen as unchanging. Experts engage with the audience in thinking about how they can be more actively involved in areas of heritage such as conservation, arts advocacy, expanded historical awareness, and other themes relevant to a more inclusive and engaged community. In our evolving and diverse world, it is especially important for all of us to understand important issues from a variety of angles to be more informed citizens.
Visit our YouTube channel to see recordings of past Redefining Heritage conversations.