Redefining Heritage: Art for Awareness


July 21, 2021, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM



The Great Marsh encompasses 30,000 acres of salt marsh, coastal beach, tidal flats, and other habitat from Cape Ann to the New Hampshire border that is crucially important for the ecological health of the region. For centuries, artists have taken inspiration from the natural beauty of the Great Marsh to create visual "time capsules." 

Recently, efforts by local artists have focused on capturing the effects of climate change on the Great Marsh through a variety of media but have also aimed to use art as an educational tool to raise awareness of the declining health of this significant resource. Professor of Geography and Sustainability at Salem State University, Stephen Young, and Professor of Graphic and Information Design at Northeastern University, Thomas Starr, will share historical context about art in the Great Marsh, as well as insights into their own experience working on exhibits and installations focused on the negative effects of climate change on the Great Marsh.

Following the presentation, there will be a moderated Q&A.