Robinson Farm Outdoor Classroom

Robinson Farm – Outdoor Classroom


4th grade teachers Annie Pugh and Mary LeBlanc utilized Robinson Farm, a conservation property that abuts their Marblehead school, to help their students learn within a new outdoor classroom.


Tying their project work to cross-disciplinary aspects of their curriculum, students explored this place in different seasons and conducted in-depth research about animals that live there. They identified the need in their community to raise awareness of this special place. Students connected with the local conservancy, spoke with Robinson family members, and went before the Board of Selectmen to receive permission to use the Farm as an extension of their classrooms.  They captured their learning by creating online resources about the Farm.

 Robinson Farm Outdoor Classroom, Marblehead

 Their efforts culminated in a day of public tours that students developed and conducted for members of the community.  They were so proud to share their learning and to pass on a stewardship ethic that was fostered through their project work.