Salem at SEA

Salem at SEA (Salem English Language Learning Academy)

Essex Heritage, working with Salem State University and other partners, creates meaningful interactions between English language learning high school students and community resources.This unique summer enrichment program is now in its fourth year and continues to evovle over time. Essex Heritage helps students integrate field experiences at sites like the House of Seven Gables, North Shore Community Development Coalition, mission driven nonprofits, and Salem City Hall, with classroom-based work they later present and display at a community-wide event. These student-developed "products" such as standing exhibits, presentations, films and print materials about their experiences not only document their learning, they also provide platforms to share their work with the wider community.  And the best part: students develop literacy as they connect with their city's movers, shakers, and change makers!

Click here to view the video that was created by students about the Salem at SEA program.

Click here to view the video that students worked on in partnership with the Salem Senior Center

Thanks to Sean Hennessy of Hennessy Productions, the videographer who directed and created this video.

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