Swampscott - Grades 5-8 - Chorale in the Community

Chorale in the Community, Swampscott Middle School

Swampscott Middle School Music Director, Jennifer Bowler, worked with her chorale students throughout the school year to investigate the role of a musician within their community. After meeting with professional musicians in Swampscott and exploring where students’ musical talents might fill a need within the town, the chorale members expressed an interest in mentoring younger students. 

Working with their teacher, students planned and facilitated a two hour music workshop for Swampscott elementary students and then jointly performed for parents. In reflecting on the workshop and concert, many of the Middle Schoolers expressed how teaching gave them a new perspective on their own learning.  The chorale members were very pleased with the elementary students’ enthusiasm and were happy to help orient the younger students to their school and music program.