Nahant Life Saving Station

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Nahant Preservation Trust
In response to the tragic wreck (including loss of the crew) of the coal schooner Charles Briggs off the coast of Nahant in the winter of 1898, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge was moved to request that the town vote ‘to give to the United States a suitable site for a Life Saving Station.’ The station was established in 1900, and was one of 33 such stations built in the state. It is the only one that was not built to a standard plan, and is one of only twelve to survive in any significant form. The Life Saving Service later combined with U.S. Revenue Cutter Service in 1915 to become the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard Station remained active until 1964. The Federal Government maintained the buildings as a seasonal recreational site for members of the Armed Forces until 1996. The Building was returned to the Town of Nahant in 1999, and the nonprofit Nahant Preservation Trust took over its management on behalf of the Town. With community support, the Life Saving Station was fully restored for adaptive re-use, and now hosts the Mortimer G. Robbins Legion Post in addition to providing a venue for small events. Come learn about the history of this beautiful and unique historic building and enjoy the seaside.

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96 Nahant Rd, Nahant, MA, 01908