Salt Marsh in the City

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Salem Sound Coastwatch
Join us for a "walk and talk" at a beautiful and productive salt marsh on the edge of Salem State University. Salt marshes, which flood and drain daily, provide habitat for many species of plant, bird and marine life; breeding grounds for shellfish and fin fish; they improve water quality by filtering water; and they protect shorelines. As we walk around the marsh, we'll talk about the plants, fish, birds, insects that live in the marsh, the role of the marsh in our marine ecosystem and the history of this marsh, which has been restored from an industrial dumping ground.

Special Instructions: 

Light walking for less than 1/2 mile on a paved and hardpacked walking path. Anyone interested in going onto the marsh should wear closed toed shoes that can get wet or muddy.

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Pickman Park, Intersection of Monroe & Lincoln Roads, Salem, MA, 01970

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Turn onto Monroe Road from Loring Avenue (Route 1A) in Salem. Monroe Road is between Salem State University's South Campus and Central Campus. Meet at the entrance to Pickman Park, which is at the intersection of Monroe Road and Lincoln Road. Parking is on-street.