Scots for Sale: Scottish Slaves in Colonial New England

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Wenham Museum
In the 1650s, two ships arrived in Boston full of Scottish prisoners, captured by Oliver Cromwell’s troops. Sold to English colonists, the Scots labored at ironworks, sawmills and farms all over New England. Genealogist Diane Rapaport has spent years tracing the fate of these 17th-Century Scottish prisoners, who rebuilt their lives in Puritan New England. She will share her findings with a special focus on the Scots in Essex County and Robert MacClaflin, builder of the first part of the museum’s 17th century house. Tour of “MacClaflin Room” to follow lecture.



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132 Main Street, Wenham, MA, 01984

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Rte-128 N to Exit 20A towards Hamilton. Follow Rte-1A N for ~2.3 miles. Museum is on right before Wenham Town Hall. By train: Commuter Rail to Hamilton-Wenham; 15-minute scenic walk south from the depot on Rte-1A.