Using Art to Make Places Beautiful


First grade students at Lynn’s Connery Elementary School have been busy beautifying their environment through project work associated with Essex Heritage’s Park for Every Classroom program.   They are taking what they learned from a study of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar in science and literacy class to create their own murals inspired by this work.  Students wanted to give back to their school community by creating art that can be enjoyed by all.  Along the way, they have been exploring their place with people in the community. Local artist Yetti Frenkel and Essex Heritage educators helped them make connections to their city through photographs and art.  The students were then encouraged to draw what they feel is most beautiful about their place.  Through the Park for Every Classroom program, art teacher Emily Englehardt is helping her students understand how creating a beautiful space that reflects things you’re interested in is a great way to show pride in your community.