Using Essex History

From 2006-2011, Essex Heritage collaborated with Salem State University and many Heritage Area partners to offer teacher professional development programs aimed at integrating local primary source documents, artifacts, and sites into curriculum development. These programs, Using Essex History and LINCs (Local in a National Context), were highly successful but the websites developed to capture the programs were not well-maintained over time. During the summer of 2020, knowing that educators and the public are relying more on accessible e-resources, Essex Heritage created a new website that pulls together many of the primary sources used in these programs. Many documents are transcribed for better access, and sources are sorted by topic, time period, and town. Thank you to Salem State professors Bethany Jay and Brad Austin, and to all of the teachers and partners who have contributed to these programs. We hope the site will be beneficial to all in connecting local stories to larger national themes. Happy learning!

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