Last month, Essex Heritage hosted our fourth Regional Education Forum, “Exploring Education and Essex Resources”! Participants from more than 20 organizations in the Heritage Area met on November 17 to learn from each other; share best practices in creating ties between local historic, cultural and natural sites and schools; and discover the educational opportunities afforded to the public at Danvers’ adjoining sites, Endicott Park and Glen Magna Farms. Park Ranger Supervisor, Christine Dean, led us on an exploration of Endicott Park, showcasing how she uses the various habitats and farm animals onsite to help children make connections to science concepts and develop an appreciation for the natural world. Sheila Cooke-Kayser, Education Team Leader for the Danvers Historical Society and Matthew Martin, Buildings and Grounds Restoration Manager, walked us through education programs that they have developed at Danvers Historical Society properties. These include a partnership with the Danvers Public Schools for a third grade program that has students explore their town “then and now” through objects and maps, and a unique program that allows students with special needs to gain skills through work in the beautiful gardens at Glen Magna Farms.

This was the fourth in a series of forums organized by Essex Heritage to help Heritage Area educators make connections and share best practices. Learn more about Essex Heritage’s Education Programming.