photo of The Lower Green, Newbury by Marion J. Bayly

The Lower Green, Newbury by Marion J. Bayly

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photo of Colby Farm

Colby Farm produces and sells a varied assortment of flowers, vegetables, baked good, herbs, and hay. Colby Farm sells pigs.

photo of Dole-Little House

Built around 1715, with materials salvaged from an earlier structure, the Dole-Little House was constructed for Richard Dole, a cattleman.

photo of the Upper Green, Newbury Historic District

Covering 380 acres, including 27 buildings from 1650 to 1924, Newbury's National Historic District is centered around a pre-Revolutionary Common.

photo of Old Town Hill from TTOR

With a commanding view of three states from its peak, Old Town Hill provides a beautiful vista of marshes and tidal creeks that make up The Great Marsh , New England’s largest salt marsh.

Pink House Newburyport

The Pink House is an iconic landmark. She sits as the only structure in the marshland stretching to the horizon under an endless sky.  Highlighting the beauty of her natural setting, the Pink...

photo of Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

The ancient trees and clustered buildings of Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm convey a sense of great age and the passing of countless seasons of planting and harvest.

photo of Swett-Ilsley House

In 1911, the Swett-Ilsley House became the first property acquired by Historic New England, just a year after its founding. The original portion, built in 1670 by Stephen Swett, was one room deep...

Tendercrop Farm photo

Tendercrop Farm offers fruits, vegetables, plants, dried flowers novelties, Christmas trees and food products including prepared foods, baked goods and a butchery.