Beaver Dam Brook Reservation

Beaver Dam Brook Reservation
590 Main St.
Lynnfield, MA 01940
(781) 334-9495

The Reservation consists of over 56 acres of conservation land and 137 acres of land owned by the Lynnfield Center Water District.  Access is provided through the rear of the Colonial Shopping Center, Grayland Road or Trog Hawley.  The land, which contains Beaver Dam Brook, forms much of the watershed and recharge areas for the Lynnfield Center Water District well fields.  The protection of these wetlands is essential.  This is also a Groundwater Protection Overlay District.


Dawn - Dusk daily




  • Self guided


  • Camping
  • Walking & Hiking
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Natural Resources
  • Parks

Property Owner/Organization: 

Lynnfield Center Water District